10107 - 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6E 1Z5
Phone:(780) 433-6141
Website: www.koolnailsspa.com
10107 - 82 Avenue, Edmonton , AB  T6E 1Z5
Phone:(780) 433-6141
Customer Testimonials:

1.Janell Barksdale's review of Kool Nails.
I have been going to Kool Nails for almost 5 years and I refuse to go anywhere else. The service is great and the atmosphere is very trendy in it's own way. Cong and Amy are amazing. Very easy to talk to as well as pleasant and courteous. I love the warm towel hand massage that they give you after your nails are done. The prices and quality are good. I have NEVER had any complaints and never will. They are gentle, efficient and are done service in a timely fashion. They definitely know how to make a customer feel and look good. I highly recommend them.

The place is clean, relaxing, and the staff act in a professional yet friendly manner. I generally avoid getting pedicures at most spas due to the prevalence of poor sanitary conditions, but this place is positively spic and span. I could not get over how clean everything was compared to many places I've seen! And I seen alot...trying to go to cheaper places with my daughters and friends...but Now I will only go here.  You pay for what you get and you get the best here!

They even offer to re-do any work that customers are not 100% happy with. I don't think I could possibly go anywhere else again. ..thanks .Amy & Cong I wish you the best !

2.Brooks A.
Very clean, very efficient, and very quick. I wish they would hire a few more technicians to help out though! (even though I would want them to help me regardless!)

3. I've been coming to Kool Nails regularly for about 9 years and have never been disappointed. I get my nails done about every 3 weeks and every second time that I come in Amy remembers to ask if I need my eyebrows done. I've also had pedicures done there. Amy and Cong know exactly how I like my nails and they are both total perfectionists. The salon is clean and looks fabulous with the new renovations.

Highly recommend for a relaxing, friendly and professional salon.

I was referred to Kool Nails by one of my customers who had been there & was quite satisfied.  I've been going there for over 10 years now (that, alone tells you something)  I am quite picky when it comes to length and shape of my nails.  I see the owner, Cong (I actually nicked him King Cong) He is a perfectionist when it comes to his creative work.  Together, we have come up with some wild designs, but even if your the conservative one in your life-they do that too.

I love how quick and neat they are.  My time is of essence and even if I get a pedi-mani, I'm not there for hours like at other places.

They have many colors/tips and even air brushing to suit anyone's needs.  The Telly is on, in fact there's 2 of them-so you can view it from anywhere in the salon--and they'll change it to whatever you fancy.

The pedicure chairs have back massagers that you can program to your liking.  The coffee is always on-as well as purified water.

I found it very relaxing and will recommend this experience to anyone--Even to those who have given it a bad review (You, yourself must've been just having a bad day)

Try them again!  I'm there alot as my nails grow fast--and have not witnessed yet one unhappy customer!!

Very Content with the service!

5. I have been going to Kool Nails for several years and have always received great service!! I so appreciate Kong and Amy. I am completely confident that I will get exactly what I ask for in a clean, welcoming environment.

Great care is taken to make certain that all the steps are followed (and there are many) to ensure a perfect job and experience...no matter how busy they are!!

6. Cindie
I  have been coming here for years and the quality of work and detail is EXCELLENT!  Amy & Cong are so polite and friendly and now they even have Wi Fi here!  Thank you for the SPARKLING NAILS  and the warm atmosphere.
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